Why Introverts Make Great Leaders with Terrance Lee

Episode #13 | September 16, 2021

In this episode we are focusing on why introverts are actually natural leaders. In fact, introverts' empathy, compassion and deep thinking are all major advantages in leadership. And, we are giving you insights and practical tips on how you can grow as a leader in your industry!

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About this episode:

Terrance is bringing his 15 year experience in leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies to the episode and giving you his top tips on unlocking inner confidence so you can improve your public speaking, lead teams of extroverts and make powerful decisions. We also explore societal benefit of having more introverts in positions of power and influence

Episode Highlights:

  • Debunking the common misconception that introverts can’t be effective leaders (07.01)

  • The innate qualities that actually make introverts great leaders (09.46)

  • How to make powerful leadership decisions when you need to (14.37)

  • Ways to tap into inner confidence (17.52)

  • How to lead and work harmoniously with introverts and extroverts in your team (23.30)

  • Terrance’s top public speaking tips (28.36)

  • Terrance share his favourite story from his book ‘Quiet Voice Fearless Leader’ (33.41)

  • Leadership mindset tips to help quieten your inner critic (36.48)

  • Exploring the societal benefit of having more introverts in positions of power and influence (40.45)


Meet Terrance

Terrance Lee, AKA The Introvert Leader has taken on many leadership and management roles as an introvert at several Fortune 500 companies in the defense industry, with proven results. He utilizes his platform to empower introverts to tap into their own inner leadership potential and is never shy about sharing the tips that he has learned throughout his journey. He is the author of Quiet Voice Fearless Leader.


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