The Mindset & Energetics Behind Creating A 7-Figure Coaching Business with Elaina Ray

Episode #15 | September 30, 2021

Are curious what it takes to build a million dollar business in two years...from scratch?

In this episode, business coach Elaina Ray is sharing the most important mindset and energetics shifts she implemented to scale her business to 1M in revenue in less than two years.

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About this episode:

Elaina shares so much insight into how to blend energy, mindset and strategy to accelerate your results in your business all while maintaining your integrity and energy as an introvert. Elena's story is full of inspiration and we dive deep into personal growth strategy and the importance of doing the inner work.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Elaina rapidly scaled her business without sacrificing her introvert identity (07.53)

  • The energetic resonance with money and shifting your money mindset (14.02)

  • Unravelling the limiting beliefs Elaina had to let go of to grow her business (18.24)

  • Embrace the messiness in entrepreneurship - not perfection! (21.51)

  • Taking risks in business and how Elaina manages her fear (24.36)

  • How Elaina uses energetics and intuition in her business (27.35)

  • Embracing leadership and being in the public eye (33.35)

  • Do it before you are ready! Get the support to expand your world! (40.36)

  • Transmuting fear energy into positive action (51.51)


Meet Elaina

Elaina Ray is a 7-Figure Business Coach who helps coaches and personal development experts scale to 6 and 7 figures with structure, sophistication and ease. She loves to work with women who take their business and purpose seriously while also being mindful of avoiding burn out and recreating the corporate hustle.

That delicate balance of masculine and feminine, the energetic and the strategic is intentional in our world. Elaina leverages her corporate experience consulting for Fortune 100 companies like IBM and Uber, along with extensive knowledge of spiritual healing work and 5 years of coaching experience to build a business that hit $1M in revenue in less than two years… from scratch. She helps clients who know the value of social media marketing but may not have large followings. Her work proves you can be successful by prioritizing simplicity and creating a small tribe of raving fans with clear messaging, scalable strategy, and strong client-centric delivery.

Over the past 7 years, Elaina has traveled to 60+ countries as an entrepreneur and personal growth junkie. Her work has been featured in Business Insider, Fast Company, Mindvalley, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, and Fortune Magazine.

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