How To Live Courageously with Shoshanna Raven


August 19th, 2021


About this episode​

How would you like to feel a little braver? In this episode, you will learn how to start taking courageous action steps towards fulfilling your soul purpose. Shoshanna will guide you on how you can bravely conquer the fears preventing you from taking the next leap in your life and get comfortable being yourself online.


Shosh shares her experience of being vulnerable with integrity on social media and how speaking openly and bravely about her personal struggles enabled her to grow a community of heart-centred entrepreneurs. Her simple act of courage has been the catalyst in helping scale her coaching business to multiple six figures in under 2 years.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Shoshanna’s Living Brave podcast expanded into a community of thousands and  coaching business (07.09)

  • How to tap into inner courage to deal with shame, guilt and self-doubt (11.14)

  • You are not alone - sharing mentor stories and our common struggles (16.00)

  • Taking responsibility for your life & happiness (21.16)

  • Surprise yourself! You can handle hard times (27.08)

  • Embracing your vulnerability with confidence (33.45) 

  • What if? - Overcoming worst-case scenario thinking (38.08)

  • Spiralling upwards with best case scenario beliefs (40.58)

  • How to be brave and stay focussed on your mission when things fall apart (45.50)

  • Shoshanna's process for cultivating courage (49.40)

  • Being a leader for your community even when you feel vulnerable (55.59)

Show Notes

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Shoshanna helps ambitious, heart-centred leaders & entrepreneurs step into their voice & grow a community-centric business. 

In 2015, she traded corporate consulting for a one-way ticket to India. After a yoga teacher training, 30+ countries, and a successful career in business journalism, she launched the Living Brave podcast. 

The platform expanded into a community of thousands, sold-out international retreats and booked out signature coaching programs. In line with her mission to help end stigma and reclaim the power it takes from us, she speaks openly about HSV and encourages others to use vulnerability as a superpower.

She’s passionate about guiding women through the journey of radical self-expression, wealth consciousness, and business growth, to amplify their impact & income, and quantum leap towards their unique vision. 


Shoshanna Raven

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