Confidently Using Your Intuitive Gifts To Build a Spirit-led Business with Nathaly Granja


July 22nd, 2021


About this episode

Are you an intuitive person who feels deeply connected to spirit? In this episode, we discuss how to reprogram your mindset and feel confident expressing and sharing your intuitive gifts with the world and using your ability to build a spirit-led business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Nathaly’s Story (04.07)

  • Giving yourself permission to use your intuitive gift  (21.32)

  • Psychic Hotline Story (29.11)

  • Working in unison with Spirit (33.08)

  • How to confidently speak about being a Spirit-led intuitive online  (42.56)

  • Marrying the spiritual & material world in a soul centered business (45.17)

  • Going against the grain and finding community as a spiritual entrepreneur: You are not alone and don't need to please everyone (49.02) 

  • Deep mindset reprogramming : Tools for unlearning social conditioning  (53.59)

  • Awakened Entrepreneurs: exploring a new paradigm shift & 5D consciousness  (1:02.41)

  • Why conscious leaders turning to energetics in their business  (1:10.24)

  • The art of receiving more by doing less (1:18.48)

Show Notes

Podcast Theme Music by Justin Cullen (@frankensteinbolts)

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Over the last 8+ years Nathaly has been featured on ABC & CBS Working with high profile leaders in Washington DC as their personal Reiki Master Teacher & Hypnotist. 


Now she works w/ Awakened Entrepreneurs that have created powerful movements in their respective industries. She is the founder of the Granja Vortex Method where she teaches facilitators how to create customized hypnotic tracks that deepen client transformation 

Nathaly is especially gifted at making big cosmic conversations into very practical and profitable action steps. She can see things that have not manifested yet, hear unconscious patterns, retrieve soul history and empathically feel exactly what you’re experiencing.


Which has made her the Go-to Global Oracle, Hypnotist & Multi-Generational Healer that she is today.


Over the last three and a half years she has helped her clients scale 12k-100k months and counting, as coaches, healers and intuitives simply by guiding their energetics, psychic gifts, mindset and strategy into to a new state of being... Owning Their Most Abundant Timeline™️.


Nathaly Granja

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