4 Steps To Courageously Conquer Fear & Follow Your Soul’s Mission with Alexia Usgaard



June 24, 2021

Don't let fear stand in the way of your soul’s mission in business. In this episode, you will get 4 simple steps on exactly how to do it!

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About this episode

​Alexia Usgaard is a Business Coach & Leadership expert empowering women to start & scale 6-figure businesses. Learn Alexia’s unique methodology to start to listen to your heart whispers and follow your intuition with courage. In this episode, we will guide you through overcoming the common mindset blocks most sensitive entrepreneurs face. Get empowering daily rituals to master your emotions and feel confident emerging as a strong female leader in your industry. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Leaving a life of security to follow a heart whisper from your soul (10.30)


  • Unravelling mindset blocks like the fear of success and envy online (19.03)


  • Letting go of ‘having to do it all alone’ and why accepting support is essential for growth and joy (30.20)


  • The journey to self-mastery. Daily rituals to master your emotions (34.05)


  • Breaking out of your limitation cage and shifting your perspective - The Painting Analogy(39.50)


  • F.E.A.R Alchemy: 4 steps to courageously conquer your fear Centers (50.35)


  • How to stand out as a leader by embodying who you are (57.05)


  • Do you know your truth? How to cultivate radical responsibility for your happiness. (1:04.57)

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Alexia Usgaard is a Business Coach & Leadership Expert who helps women start & scale 6-figure businesses and live abundant lives. Alexia has worked with several tech start-ups in Silicon Valley, and with some of the world's leading entrepreneurs, influencers, and a billionaire CEO. 

Alexia travels extensively speaking on leadership and empowerment panels, creating transformational courses with her unique methodologies, and offering life-changing coaching programs. She is a TV Show Host on the Awake TV Network, where Alexia helps women move from confusion to clarity and confidence as they create successful businesses and the Empress lifestyle they desire.

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As women, especially if you're sensitive, not trying to do it like everybody else like we actually have to honor that we have this superpower and our intuition is an incredible gift. It's why I love fear because I realized fear is an important way to start tuning into those intuitive heart whispers.

Alexia Usgaard

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