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I Month High-Level Mindset Coaching

for Sensitive Female Entrepreneurs 

For highly motivated women who want

to lead with confidence and grace.

You've achieved SO MUCH swimming against the current, stretching yourself into an extroverted model.


But now you're done trying to lead, market and scale your online business by pretending to be someone you're not.


It's exhausting, inauthentic and unsustainable. I understand how you feel, I'm an introvert who's been through it too.


You want to feel confident and aligned, expressing yourself authentically as a sensitive soul. By being true to who you are. 

Your work ethic, ambition and talent isn't the question. Your joy is.  Let me assure you, you can be sensitive AND enjoy massive success in your business.


You deserve it!


But right now you feel blocked by your limiting thoughts and stories. And, it's negatively impacting your life and energy on all fronts.

You are not alone.


I am here to support you and help you to gently release your core limiting beliefs holding you back from feeling fulfilled.


I will guide you and empower you to replace your old self sabotaging thoughts with confident self-loving beliefs and habits instead.


So, you can quickly grow your heart-centred business on your own terms.

Sounds great right! And if you are like me, I bet you are ready for this fully aligned type of life?

Keep on reading my friend and I'll tell you how we can make it happen together. It's a lot easier than you might think!

Here is what you will walk away with
  • Greater self-trust and feeling confident having dissolved at least one limiting mindset block.


  • Feeling more relaxed and playful in your business. Navigating the extrovert online world with self-assurance and strength. ​

  • A crystal clear pathway for your next steps and how to turn your new mindset shifts into a tangible profitable strategy to reach the top 5% of your audience. 

  • Courage to speak from your heart and fully expressing yourself as you really are on social media.

  • A deeper connection to your intuition and inner wisdom to make powerful aligned decisions. and handle your fears in the moment.

Your sensitivity IS YOUR superpower.
  • You're a deep thinker with a rich inner world

  • Your empath is a gift

  • You're creative AND courageous

  • You're a calming presence for your clients

  • You are here to raise collective consciousness on Earth

  • You're a leader, the founder of a movement

These are your best qualities and exactly what makes you special. But there's a problem...

You are trying to scale your business
in a world made for extroverts

1. You want to use your natural sensitivity to your advantage in your business.


But, you feel pressure to contort your identity to fit the extroverted online world to succeed. It's exhausting and not who you are.

2. You want to express yourself confidently and authentically using your calm but strong leadership voice. 


Instead, you either hold back or reluctantly raise your voice to compete with the noise online.

3. You want to be highly visible on social media in a way that feels good, and make soulful connections and sales with your clients.


But you feel expected to do social media the extrovert way which isn't natural for you. You avoid showing up consistently which negatively impacts your income.


You're tired of pretending, and end your

day dreaming of a better way

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You have just found it 

They say get louder.


In actuality, The internet is full of people yelling for attention. Joining into the noise isn't your way to the top. Dropping DOWN into the core of who you are, is.


This personalised one on one experience will help you make the mindset and energetic shifts you need to scale your business without sacrificing your true nature.  

  • You will learn to embody a deep sense of self-trust which is the source of your unlimited confidence and transmute your fear energy into aligned action.


  • Your mindset upgrade will help you show up in your power that feels natural. Be a little bolder and use your sensitive nature to your advantage!


Shifting your core beliefs impacts your energy which is so powerful in business and attracting soul-aligned clients. It creates FLOW.
You will be able to use your new confident edge to attract that extra 5-10k+ per month in revenue you desire.
All on your own terms without hiding your true identity.
I’ve seen it, experienced it and facilitated it.
How I rewire your mindset at lightning speed

1. Your Beliefs


What you believe about yourself is everything. I will help you pinpoint your deeply-rooted core limiting beliefs driving self-sabotaging habits. You will reprogram your subconscious to be aligned with your true nature and vision. You are worthy of self love.

2. Your Identity


Have you been holding back the best of you? I will help you connect deeply to your intuition so you can feel empowered showing the world your unique brilliance and true personality. You will feel able to embody your sensitivity with full permission to just be yourself. 

3. Your Space


Carve out time for recharging and creativity. No more people-pleasing and giving your precious time away. I'll show you how to set clear boundaries that allow you to prioritise your energy and space to create your best work.

4. Your Presence


You are a leader with a potent voice that needs to be heard and understood. I'll help you to speak from your heart! You will feel confident expressing and communicating authentically as yourself. 

1 Month Program Overview
Week 1

Half-day virtual retreat.


We start by spending an exciting day together gently rewiring the limiting beliefs that you want to clear.   


Setting a safe comfortable space, I will teach you how to access your inner wisdom, confidence and strength and handle your fear with compassion.


I will calmly lead you through 3 core belief healing mindset practices.


You will get to tap into your creativity too and incorporate journaling and artistic expression to help integrate your breakthroughs. 


The day consists of two 120-minute sessions with a one hour break in between for lunch and relaxation.


You have me in your corner, helping you process your experience with Voice support all the way up to our next call. 

Week 2


In our second session together you get to strengthen the new confident core beliefs you have made. It is an opportunity for you to deepen your connection to your true nature and I will coach you through any old thought patterns that may come up.


You will get to design a daily self-care ritual that will positively reinforce your new confident self. 


You have full access to me in Voxer throughout Week 2. I’m here to provide motivation, accountability and to be your sounding board.


You always have my unwavering support so you never feel lost or alone on your journey.

Week 3



In our last one to one session we focus on integrating and implementing your confident mindset into key areas in your business and life to make the aligned changes you want. I am great at creating systems and will help you design your work-life balance to your requirements.


I’m here for you on voxer to guide you as you implement the changes.

Week 4


You have my continued wise counsel at your fingertips with voxer support in the final week of your experience.

Client Results

Louise Reid
Women's Mindset Specialist

Charlotte Balbier
Business Mentor and Strategist

This is a unique experience

I made this program for ambitious introverts just like you.​

This program wasn't made by an extrovert who doesn't really get you. My methods are designed specifically for soulful introverts and empaths. I understand what it's like to navigate the world as a sensitive soul. Our energy should be a great match!


You have full permission to be yourself. 


There is no need to hold back your sensitivity and sensitive nature with me. This container is about amplifying your identity. You will be safe and heard with unconditional love just as you are. 


Intimate Coaching Support. 


You get a lot of access to me and my calming, comforting presence. You will feel held by my gentle style which will help you relax and go deeper into your inner work for radical transformation. 


A personalised 3 phase mindset upgrade. 


You get a tailor-made visualisation and cognitive enhancement method to liberate your self-trust and handle your fear. 


You're not left to figure it out alone. 


After each session, you get my full support and all your questions answered. I am there to help you integrate and implement your new confident belief system..

Heart Waves

Paul helped me shift my mindset around how I present myself in my business by teaching me simple meditations and exercises to go into my day feeling confident and aligned with my work and how I support my clients. I really enjoyed our session together!

Gaylene Gomez

Founder,  Compass Rose Nutrition


The most powerful coaching session I ever had in my life! 

Karolina Mazetyte

Holistic Healer  & TEDx speaker


Paul is a super genius and is highly skilled at discovering the exact needs of your body and mindset on a deeper level than you can see yourself. He is also incredible at creating systems that are suitable for your unique lifestyle for optimal performance. Paul has helped me to have way more energy and fully show up online with joy.

Samantha Blossom Brown

Business ORACLE & Energy Healer


The session we had was really powerful, I could feel the effect processing and integrating the days after! Thank you I truly appreciate and value it!!

Alix Rufas

Full Potential Speaker & Coach


Paul’s calm and receptive energy allowed me to open up and truly give space to the tensions I had been holding around what we were working on. Not only that, he helped me to see that it was a tension that could be honoured in a way that would allow me to work through it and move forward. I really appreciate Paul taking the time to address my individual needs, and follow up to ensure that I didn’t get “lost” again in the mindset block that we worked on together. Paul is a true nurturer, and I feel very lucky to work with him on making the most of my mindset so that I can help my clients in the most optimal way possible!

Bronwyn Updike
Founder, BeU Fitness & Nutrition

You deserve to live with more
joy in your heart!


  • Scaling your business with greater ease and integrity by showing up as you are. No more compromises.

  • Leading your movement and booking premium clients who value and resonate with your introvert identity.

  • Feeling replenished not depleted. Able to hold heart entered space for your clients.


  • More energy for deep work, learning and downloading your next high-level move.

  • Feeling confident networking and selling.

  • Connected to your intuition and comfortable in your success.


This can be your reality after working together.

Influential Introverts_fb Banner (5).png


Now is your time to release your limiting beliefs and feel confident to your core! 

You invest in yourself regularly because you can't ignore your purpose or lose track of achieving your mission.


I'm calling in heart-centred leaders like you

who are ready to experience a deep inner transformation.


My methods are unique, powerful and work quickly.


One simple shift in your core beliefs can open up

your world to aligned energy and self-confidence.


This is what I will empower you to achieve!

Now is your time to step into the leader that you are!


If this is speaking to your heart I invite you to apply.


  • Half-day Virtual Retreat (5hrs)

  • 2 x 60 min follow up sessions

  • 3 x Personalized Guided Visualisations (High-Quality WAV + MP3's)

  • 4 Weeks of unlimited Voxer support (during office hours)

  • All call recordings 



pay in full

Flexible payment plans are available

About me

Hi, I'm Paul

I'm an introvert, an empath and a truth seeker. But for a long time, I was drowning in a sea of extroverts. I was sacrificing my energy and identity to fit into an extroverted online world.

I felt colossal pressure to be a high energy coach. But I’m not a Tony Robbins. I’m not a RA RA GO GET IT, coach. 


My presence is my power. My voice is quiet, calm and strong. I speak from an open heart. I’m a deep listener. I cherish an authentic connection. I need alone time to energize myself.


Like you, my true nature is my gift.

So I built a system. A unique mindset method to liberate my true identity. For soul level integrity and integrated success on my own terms!

Now I want to teach you how to do it too.


You don’t have to be loud to be successful.

You can be a calm present leader of your movement.

You can do this on your own terms.


Are you with me?