How To Grow An Online Community with Emma-Louise Parkes

Episode #12 | September 09, 2021

In this episode of Influential Introverts, we are discussing how to get past small talk and make deeper connections online to grow your business and build a community of like minds.

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About this episode:

We unravel some of the common mindset challenges introverts and HSPs face when meeting new people, growing a business network and making friends. Emma-Louise's shares her tips on building an engaged online community, and we explore how to find your tribe and connect deeply with the right people in a way that feels comfortable.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to start meaningful conversations online to grow your network (10.58)

  • Using groups to meet like minds and build authentic connections (16.19

  • How to reach out to new people with confidence (20.56)

  • It's this or something better - mindset tips for when people say no (27.1

  • Using positive reinforcement to build a new habit (29.11)

  • What to do if you feel social anxiety (32.50)

  • Where to find you tribe online and build a community (38.02)

  • How to protect your energy while leading an online community (41.53)

  • Why creating a safe space is key to a successful community experience (49.28)

  • Emma-Louise's tips on building an engaged online community (53.52)


Meet Emma-Louise

Emma-Louise is a Business Strategist & Mindset coach for ambitious introverts, empaths & highly sensitive entrepreneurs, & host of The Ambitious Introvert™ Podcast. She works with entrepreneurs to help them grow & scale successful, sustainable online businesses.

With 10+ years experience she has personally coached over 100 individuals. She is a strategic life coach, trained facilitator, NLP master practitioner & holds accreditations in EFT/TFT & the Law of Attraction.

Spending 17 years as an air traffic controller & 10 years coaching new recruits to the role, Emma-Louise understands the importance of strategy, decision making, confidence & mindset for success. Her focus on clarity, consistency & habits allowed her to build a 7 figure net worth in her 30’s - she now uses these principles to help her clients build solid foundations that support massive levels of growth & success.


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