How To Build a Rock-Solid CEO Mindset with Haley Gray

Episode #14 | September 23, 2021

In this episode, serial tech entrepreneur & CEO Haley Gray is sharing her top mindset tips from over 10 years experience in the startup world. Haley shares her mindset and inner work methodologies that she has used to cultivate a very strong, powerful and resilient mindset needed to thrive while leading a company to great success

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About this episode:

You will learn the steps haley used to build a robust mindset to help you on your entrepreneurial journey, and why self care is key for your growth, happiness and success as an entrepreneur. This episode is so valuable for new entrepreneurs and company founders.

Episode Highlights:

  • Unlock the courage to start: Why introverts make great entrepreneurs! (07.16)

  • The No.1 mindset shift Haley made to help grow her business and stay true to herself (16.01)

  • Know what you stand for - the importance of setting healthy boundaries in business (21.35)

  • How to separate your self worth and identity from your business (29.28)

  • Homecoming & reconnecting to yourself (37.42)

  • Why mindset practices help maintains your calm and integrity in an extroverts environment (41.34)

  • Self care and less stress helps channel your creativity and best work (48.19)

  • Why consistent inner work and mindset practice is your best friend in business (56.23)

  • How to deal with the emotional highs and lows of entrepreneurship (56.23)

  • Why we need more fearless female entrepreneurs (1:03.32)


Meet Haley

Haley is the CEO and Founder of Cut To Code, a software development company specialising in solutions that streamline processes, together with her team she has built a marketplace product called On-Demand to enable entrepreneurs.

Her entrepreneurial journey started when she co-founded Forge Technologies in 2012, during her time at Forge she started a coding academy to develop talent and founded a STEM portal called Intelleapp with the aim of encouraging youths to engage Math and Science and to consider STEM Careers.

Haley is an advocate for change and strongly believes in the potential of Africa, she leads the African Tech Collective which connects entrepreneurs in Africa and fosters courageous conversations about change.

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