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Learn to listen deeply with my 3 phase guided practice.
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Connect deeply to still spacious awareness. Listen to your true nature and inner wisdom. A nourishing practice to help you make fully aligned decisions and feel confident knowing what to do next.


This energising practice will help you settle your busy mind and offer you greater mental clarity and motivation to stay consistent in your business (even when you don't feel like showing up). 


Feel calm and empowered in times of uncertainty by taking charge of the most important parts of your life. This gentle self-care practice is designed to help you live with intention and well-being.


Heart Waves


So relaxing, I went into a deep meditation straight away! It was very powerful. 

Josie May

Business Coach


It's wonderful, you are very soothing and have a real talent!

Hannah Gorvin

Soulful Business Coach


Such a lovely way to wind down, relax and get that focus energy in! 

Alexia Usgaard

CEO of FEARCE Movement LLC


Really enjoying the meditation! I'm listening to it before I start my day to focus.

Charlotte Balbier

Business Coach & Mentor

Guided Meditation Pack


Hi, thanks for being here. This is a special invite-only page, so no email address required.​ Just click download to get your files. Happy meditating and I would love to hear how you find these practices.


Warmest, Paul