Fully Expressing Your Sensitive Identity with Carol Hampshire



June 17, 2021

As a sensitive female entrepreneur do you struggle to fully express your true self online?
In the first episode Influential Introverts, you will learn how to confidently infuse your sensitive identity into your business and attract clients who value you for who you are.


About this episode

One of the most empowering ways for you to show your gentle but powerful energy to your clients is through visual branding.

In this episode, you will learn from designer and branding genius Carol Hampshire, on how to confidently infuse your unique identity and feminine energy into your brand in a way that feels aligned, playful and fun. Carol walks you through the exact steps she takes her sensitive clients through so you can elevate your brand and stand out as a leader in your industry!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Uncovering your Introverted Identity. ‘The Birthday Party Story’ (8.14)

  • The rise of the rebel introvert! How to be visible on your own terms while maintaining your privacy and energy online (13.39)

  • Creative content strategies for when you feel overwhelmed (22.24)

  • How to infuse your essence into your visual branding that will attract soul-aligned clients (32.45)

  • Overcoming the mindset blocks that stop you from fully expressing yourself in your brand photos (40.51)

  • Tips to align your unique feminine energy with your visual branding (56.44)

  • A guide to creating a premium rebrand to elevate your business to the next level (1:03.36)

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For over 25 years, Carol Hampshire has been branding start-ups as well as 7-figure female coaches and visionaries worldwide, as a designer and branding coach. Carol knows exactly how to build a personal brand from the inside out, ensuring that it’s in soul alignment with the person's passion and purpose. She believes that creating a brand identity that conveys a person’s essence is highly magnetic to their dream audience.

Carol Hampshire

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Episode Transcript

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Paul Juggins  

Hi and welcome to influential introverts on your host Paul Juggins. mindset mentor for sensitive female entrepreneurs. I'm on a mission to empower more influential introverts like you to embody your true nature and stand out as a leader in your industry. Join me each week as we'll be interviewing empathic experts from around the world, who will be sharing their inspirational stories of personal transformation with you, and how they use their sensitivity to thrive in an extroverted world. Each week, you'll get to learn from thought leaders and mindset, personal development, entrepreneurship, spirituality, female empowerment, creativity and conscious leadership, as well as much much more.


Throughout I'll be teaching you some of my own mindset tools to help you gain powerful insights into your own identity and help you make friends with your fear. So you can grow your heart centred business feeling fully aligned with your soul mission. This shows for you if you're tired of swimming against the extroverted current and want the confidence to authentically express yourself, become a world class entrepreneur on your own terms. So if this speaks to your heart, my friend, come and join us. I think it's important for all of us as introverts to kind of have this rebel side to us. In other words, I choose not to conform.


In this episode, Carl Hampshire. For over 25 years, Carl has been branding startups as well as seven figure female coaches and visionary leaders worldwide as a designer and Bronco. Carol is a true industry experts and one of the most sought after specialists for heart centre female coaches in the world right now. She truly embodies what it means to be an influential introvert. So in this episode, you're going to learn from Carl, how to confidently infuse your sensitive essence into your brand in a very authentic way that will make you highly attractive to your dream audience and deeply connected to your soulmate clients.


We'll also discuss how to authentically express yourself, your true nature and your identity online tips to conquer your fear of showing up and doing things in a way that feels aligned away that's uniquely you. So grab a notepad and pen my friend. There's a lot of wisdom in this episode. And I'll be back with you at the end to say goodbye.


Hello, Carol. Welcome to the show. It is beautiful to have you with us today. You're so welcome.


Carol Hampshire

Thanks, Paul. I am excited about chatting to you today. And lovely to hear your voice or your accent. I'm from South Africa. And I just love hearing and speaking to people that are from all over the world as well. So thank you for having me.


Paul Juggins    

Oh, there's so luck. Now Me too. You have a wonderful, wonderful ex. I love the South African accent. It's beautiful. So we're so lucky to have you here today, Carl, you're such an incredibly experienced, designer and fellow introvert. And I would love for you to share with us all a little bit about your story, your entrepreneurial path, because you've got such a wealth of experience. And if you could share a little bit about your story we'd love to hear,


Carol Hampshire    

Of course. So my story started 25 years ago, and that's a long time ago, I was around I think in my early 20s when I realised that I could not work for a boss, I'd been working in design agencies for quite a while and knew that I wanted something more. And everyone completing actually was against that idea, you know, you've got a secure job and you got a career and I had one client's and I said that it I need to jump off and do my own thing. I started doing a lot of local work like graphic design, designing letterheads and business cards. And I shudder to think how much I did if those kinds of work. And then my entrepreneurial journey really started around 15 years later, when all of my local work here in South Africa completely dried up for one reason or another. And that's when I knew that I had to make a big mental shift. This is kind of those areas where I think every entrepreneur goes through where everything you're doing kind of falls apart.


People don't really know this, but I worked for a company called Elance. It's now called Upwork. And it was a chance for me to get online and earn US dollars and to start creating a career doing that. So my next phase was working with on these job sites, which was terribly hard. I basically started designing logos for $25 a logo and that was took about five hours. So you can imagine how hard I worked. And then next big level jump, which is true people talk about is quantum leaps. And the next thing was I cannot keep on doing what I'm doing. When I really had gotten very much into the self development arena. And I'd done a lot of coaching.


I was doing a lot of self development work. And I knew that what I wanted to do then was to shift my work into working for coaches, making the big decision to say goodbye to the job sites, and then find my own identity and we're going to talk about identity further on. But in order for me to create my own brand, my own identity And really decide what I want to do and who the clients that I wanted to work with. And this was unheard of as a South African, I think that no one had ever done this before. And I had made some huge successes in on these job sites, I think I was third in the world at one stage, which is a huge compliment. But it wasn't something that I really wanted was something that brought me joy.


And that's when you get these quantum leaps every couple of years, maybe five years, maybe two years, maybe 20 years or 10 years, we don't know, something pushes you into that next mode. So I was very fortunate to know exactly the kind of clients I want to work with, how that would be, how I would support them and their branding, and I created a entrepreneurial journey that was just for myself. And no one told me to do it. I just knew that that was how I had to go. And this is we're going to talk about controverting introverts as well in business, and where we really just trust our instincts and our gut. So we have these incredible gifts that we don't realise we have. So this is where you find me. I'm now living in South Africa.


I work with a lot of amazing coaches from all over the world who are incredibly inspiring. They are startups to an eight figure, business woman and business owners, I'm so lucky to be able to support them in a branding, as well as seeing the personalities behind the brand. I think that to me is extremely fascinating. Because I get a chance to obviously present them and reflect the essence. But I love seeing how they have journeyed on the entrepreneurial journey. And that excites me so much knowing that three years ago, the people that I'm working with now who are supporting millions and millions of people, three years ago, they were living in Bali earning, you know, $2,000 a month. That's what excites me as much as the branding.


Paul Juggins   

Wow, what a story. It's so beautiful to hear how you've grown and evolved. And I'm really getting that you've listened to your intuition a lot, you followed the flow and the signs. And obviously I can hear you've taken a lot of brave decisions to get to where you are today from starting out designing logos for $25. To know supporting 678 figure entrepreneurs, helping them connect and grow their brand, globally. Incredible, Carol, absolutely incredible. We are going to divide this episode into two parts, I think this is going to be really, really helpful for everyone listening.


So we're going to really dive in deep into identity and the struggles that we have as introverts empaths sensitive people. And then in part two, Carl is going to really show and explain how you can start to inject your sensitive identity authentically into your visual branding. So everything feels really cohesive and natural. And just like a really true expression of who you are coming back to identity. I'd love to share a little story, Carol, because I'm always fascinated speaking with other introverts about how you begin to recognise at early age or just little points in your life where you're like, hmm, I'm a little bit different to other people.


So for me, I think I was about six years old, and it was the first birthday party they'll ever went to. And I remember driving up to the house and getting out of the car and seeing we must have been a little bit late because there was already a load of kids there. Just turn around the place they fall asleep in, you know, on the sugar for error already, they were going for it. And I remember just freezing up completely. I just like was clinging to my mom's legs kind of hiding behind them.


And it was such a visceral sensation of like, Oh, my God im totally overwhelmed. And I remember my friend's mom coming up and saying, hey, you Okay, and I sort of sheepishly just gave for the present for the for the birthday kid who just assumed by me kind of waving. And I just remember saying to my mom and he needs to go home, I need to go home. I can't stay here. I distinctly remember here and I've been another parents saying all the pork it must be shy. And on the car journey home, like just processing all of those things. And and that little phrase of like, oh, he must be shy. I was like, Well, what does that mean?


And it's this early, early visceral memory of me being different. Why didn't I fit in there? Why couldn't I tear off with the other kids and have a great time? And I keep coming back to the story lately. It's a strange No, I know we always have these little points in our journey where it kind of takes us down a different timeline. And that's one of my earliest memories of associating with now in hindsight, an introvert identity being quieter enjoy what they're showing me right? But anyway, that's how I felt and these certain moments that really start to shape our life, you know, so I'm curious, when did you start to notice or feel that? Okay, I'm a little bit different to people around me,


Carol Hampshire    

It's a good question. And I didn't have a specific moment like you did, where you realise that there was a word like shy or different, but it was more like a evolvement of that understanding, it came through my swimming, I used to be a highly competitive swimmer, when I was a lot younger, swimming really appealed to me, because it's very much a learner sports, you jump into the pool, nice warm up and down, up and down for hours and hours. It's almost like a meditation.


And I didn't go to get togethers or birthday parties that much because I was always in a swimming competition. So I was able to then use that platform as a way to really be with myself, it's really a sport that's all about yourself, your times, beating yourself at something. And I think that to me, realised that I was very much open Sam and not a team player. But I would turn like the team sports, I don't like going out into big shopping centres. In fact, my buddies literally will shut down, I will get migraines, I will, I literally can't handle that I get overwhelmed, very quickly. So all of these signs are pointing to something that does show my difference, and how ultimately, can I use that to my benefit.


So with swimming, I can use that to my benefit, because someone who is not an introvert would want something or team sport or wouldn't like the alone, so much alone time that somebody has. So I've used that to my benefit. And I've also used that in my design work. A lot of the time I'm spending on the computer alone, I don't work in an office environment, or obviously talk to people on zoom, but it's very limited. So I'm able to nurture and grow that different side of myself in a way that's beneficial.


Paul Juggins   

Absolutely, you've been able to really embrace your introverted nature from quite early on in life, it says, and that's really beautiful. don't really hear that that often. So I'm really happy to hear that you fell naturally into the nail for entrepreneurs, it's so challenging, expressing who we really are online, it just triggers so many fear centres in our mind. And being comfortable, I think with who you are being comfortable expressing yourself as a sensitive person.


Obviously, that's something that we, we cherish the most to be able to just be who we are. So it is so challenging for us to maintain that balance of ethically feeling like we can just be who we are, say what is on our mind, express ourselves, feeling that pressure to conform or fit into an extroverted world. When I started coaching, I felt so much pressure to act out of who I who I really am, to the extent where people were close to me were saying, Paul, like, that's not really you, I don't really recognise you in that stuff. And that was really troubling for me, because I couldn't see it. And so it's so easy to start losing the essence of who we are.


And I think for a lot of business owners, that becomes the disconnect, then I be kind of become as well. Why aren't clients coming to me? I think because we have to connect with people on such a deep, authentic level. There's this energetic disconnect for me, and I know a lot of my clients and there's a real issue around being visible and maintaining, I think your energy and privacy as an introvert. So I wonder if you'd share a little bit around your experiences of showing up and just being in that extroverted ecosystem that we that we have to be in online,


Carol Hampshire  

You've raised a couple of points, and it's a great conversation. I think, for me, I think it's important for all of us as introverts to kind of have this rebel side to us. In other words, I choose not to conform. And it's okay. I choose personally not to be dancing videos on Instagram reels. Not because there's anything wrong with that at all. But that is the most basic way I can share an introvert versus an extrovert. an extrovert is comfortable with sharing a lot more publicly, online. I just don't have that energy to do that.


Often. It's not so much that I don't want to share myself or be visible or share my life because I love sharing. I have a unique life. You know, live right on the water. I love swimming with the dolphins. I have houseboats that I know that people globally would be interested in. In other words, I'm not doing it out of any other reason. To connect authentically with someone, but I choose not to do that. So I'm also realising that for me, my visibility comes in waves, I will realise that for two weeks or one week, I'll be online, and I'll be promoting and I'll be having fun, and I'll be authentically doing that.


And the reason why I'm reiterating authentic pneus is that we have to be authentic and our connection. If it's not authentic, people will pick that up on some level, there's some kind of energetic connection. So um, if I'm not feeling aligned right now, to post something just for the sake of posting, I won't do that. Like I said, I'm going to retry, it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with doing that to stay visible to stay connected. But if I'm not feeling it, I just won't do it. I'm finding that I can still connect to the right people, because they will still feel my vibration, feel my energy, and be a part of my audience in a way that is natural. I mean, I want to just reiterate as well, I've always been fully booked in my design business, I know that designing might be different to coaching a coach, someone has a coaching practice. But ultimately, I've always been fully booked. And I'm realising how did I do that, as an introvert, knowing that I'm not doing what everyone else is doing. I'm dabbling here and there.


But however, when I do that, I do it with such a naivety in a way and an innocence and a gentleness that people do connect with me the right people do. So the truth is, you don't necessarily need a huge audience. Maybe you just need a small audience or people that really connect with you. And I'm not saying that one or the other is right, but what is right for you in your business. Some people might need a million followers, right for whatever they are selling. But maybe all you need is 2000 really connected ones. That might be it. But I know in my business, I have been so lucky to connect with the right people by putting on very little online. And how is that possible?


And that's what's made me to delve deeper into my branding. What is it about me that I can really share that authentic, without being someone who I'm not because as an introvert, you don't want to now conform to what society tells you what to do. Because you're going to feel that it's not going to be authentic. So I spoke about the ways for example. So sometimes I'm feeling I want to do more, and I want to connect more, and sometimes I'm not.


So I know, as an introvert, I need to batch content or create videos, if I'm feeling excited or energetic that day, why not create spend a couple of hours or two hours creating little videos that I can then batch out so I can keep that authentic energy alive. But I do feel it's a huge thing. How can you remain consistent is the word consistent level of our branding and identity as an introvert that flows with your energy levels. And some people I imagined don't want to do anything. But that's when things like your website might work for you.


You can have other ways to go around that you don't necessarily have to go live, you can find other ways like yourself, you are doing a podcast doesn't mean you have to go visually alive on lion or HGTV lives, you can impact people profoundly by just using your voice. So we can find ways to do that. And I find ways to connect to my audience, I think with my love of the outdoors of South Africa of swimming, swimming with the dolphins becoming a Skipper for my house birds, right? That's got nothing to do with branding, what I'm supplying, but I'm branding myself as someone who is different. And they get to know me and like me and trust me.


As a roundabout way, the most important thing with being visible is the purpose to get people to know like and trust you authentically doesn't have to be posting two or three times a day, maybe two or three times a week is more than enough to make that you tick the boxes of people will know like and trust you and authentically connect with you.


Paul Juggins 

Beautiful. I really love this technique that you've kind of developed of working in waves using your energy when it feels right. I think that's so key. I love that so much because it's just working naturally with who you are. And the more that we're talking here, Carla, I'm really just getting the sense of you've really become to own who you are. A long, long time ago. You've been working just very in this beautiful flow, in concert in tandem with your, your natural energy, it's so refreshing to hear this concept of coming into the body. And I feel actually a little bit energetic today, I feel like I would like to share something going with that is a beautiful thing.


Whereas if you are feeling a little bit just not in that place, that's okay. How can you then follow with that type of energy? Maybe that's more of like a writing energy or some admin energy, or whatever that is? It's not fighting, and judging, it's like, oh, well, I should do these, these reels or videos, because everyone else is doing. And if I don't do them, my business is going to suffer. I know, that's like a little mindset trap that I got quite a few times.


Where as well, okay, if I don't feel like doing that, I'm going to do it. But grudgingly my energy is going to totally translate in that way, too. It's ultimately just not going to be worth my time. Anyway, this is a really key point of like, how can you be working with your sensitive energy rather than fighting it? Working in waves going naturally is so beautiful, I don't think I've heard people talk about this that much. So I think it's a really, really wonderful point. And the second thing that kind of came into me when you're saying is really owning who you are not feeling like you're talking about this kind of rebel side, if you will, I'm not going to conform for you, I'm not going to change who I am. I really, really admire that in your career.


Because, for me, and I'm sure for a lot of listeners, there's so much pressure and so much conditioning around Well, no, you have to conform you to be successful online, you must do this just like everyone else is doing. Or it's why I love what you've done is like I'm gonna just go with what I'm here to do. And by doing that, people will connect with me regardless. So coming back to what what are your gifts? What are your strengths, your areas that if you just concentrate on them, people will connect with you because you are expressing yourself from that place of inner truth. And people deeply deeply resonate with that. Thank you so much for sharing that. I think that's quite a revelation.


Carol Hampshire 

You're welcome. I think the most important thing is that introverts suffer most from is overwhelmed. It's energetic overwhelm our brain overwhelmed, because we like to overthink things, and we highly sensitive and double guessing second guess and triple guess. So overwhelm is my biggest enemy. And if I know that, then I can work with that. So then going from that, the next thing is you really have to protect your energy, right? If you're in overwhelm, and your notes from lack of energy, or lack of renewing your energy, then you really need to protect that energy. It's vital.


And the way to do that is to really trust yourself and it's not easy for some people, but trust that by being nonconformist, we're actually aligned with the right clients. In other words, as introverts we will kind of naturally be drawn together. Because our energies match, right? The extroverts will naturally be drawn to each other because they energies match. And that is the biggest thing to trust yourself, and that the right kinds of people will pick up on this. And other thing is really just don't compare yourself to anybody else. Because you're not anybody else. You have such a beautiful, unique character, and gift and message that you have to believe that what you're saying comes from a genuine place of essence.


So I personally don't watch other designers a lot. It's a choice, because I know I will go down that rabbit hole of being comparing to others, and I should do that. Oh my gosh, she's doing that. Why aren't I I know that that rabbit hole is very close by at any given moment. So I have to guide that there are boundaries. And you know, as an introvert, you have to have those boundaries. But the most important boundary you need is with yourself, not with other people. It's not other people you need to worry about it's yourself and doing the right things that you know that protects your high level of living an energy source as yourself


Paul Juggins   

Fantastic advice. You've hit on so many beautiful points there protecting our energy, setting clear boundaries, and making friends for herself to really cultivate that self belief and trust. I think that's something that comes up a lot. Not being able to trust who you really are, trust your decisions and stick to your guns on these things. I'm wondering, what kind of practices have you done to like, really take care of your own mind? Because you spoken about, you know how it's you, it's all comes back to us, you know, and I'm protecting our energy, who doing the inner work to, you know, keep us from going down these little rabbit holes of comparison of judgement of all those primal fears that kick in. So I'm really curious to hear, what are some of the things that you like to do to, to really drop in? To that deep connection with who you really are?


Carol Hampshire  

That's a good question. And I wish I had more practices to share with you like yoga or meditation. And I don't. But one thing that I do, which you might find interesting is that I like to swim in cold water. So you might think yourself, how does that correlate with what we're talking about? So just bear with me for a second. So we boil down to mindset, it is about mindset, how do I have a strong mindset to not go down that rabbit hole to know that I'm worthy, whatever I'm doing, how do I have that strong self belief and self trust.


And the reason why I say cold water really helps is that when you swim in very cold water, with no wetsuits, you have to have a strong mindset to do that. Because everything in your body and mind and cells saying get out, you are going to die. This is not right. Okay. So you're going against the grain of what you think your body tells you to do. But you know that there's a deep, deep peace, when you get into that cold water, and you just relax your body. And that takes mind control, and body controlling, you're not going to die. And it's the most beautiful, refreshing feeling ever. You cannot think about anything else. When you're in cold water, you can't think about your to do list, you can't think about them, oh, gosh, I forgot to email that person back.


You are in almost at Ground Zero, with your mind absolutely pure, pure nothingness, which is really the depths of going to do meditation, I'm guessing or yoga practice or something along those lines, right? Everyone has their own. But for me, being able to overcome that mindset of I can't do this, I'm not good enough. I compare myself to others, I use my swimming in order to help strengthen that mindset, because I know if I can swim in water, and I can do that, and I can stay there for 10 minutes, and it's very cold. I've done something that day that really connects to my soul, and that I'll bring into my work.


So when I start to get overwhelmed, I'm able to then more easily pull back and say I refuse not to. Of course, there are times and I'm not perfect, and I will fall down that. And as a matter of just bouncing back into spending a bit of time away from the computer, perhaps doing something you love and just enjoying nature. But I'm finding that any kind of practice that you have with yourself that you can really connect deeply with yourself what ever that is whether it's playing with your children, taking a dog for a walk, taking photographs, just to connect with your mindset and really believe in trust in yourself.


And therefore you shouldn't go down that road of comparing or wanting to be like somebody else or judging yourself. There's a sense of just inner peace, which is really what I think you asking how do we find our own inner peace, so that we can thrive as entrepreneurs, but also thrive as human beings and really nurture our empathic nature because as introverts, we have such a incredible empathic nature. So the ones that thing is talking about how do we, you know, judge ourselves online, but what about how can we use our time on our own, to really be guided to the right things, I also believe fully, that we shouldn't be doing being busy for the sake of being busy.


As an introvert, you should if you connect with yourself, in that you will know what to do in order to get the maximum results. So for example, 20% of some of the effort you put into your business gives you 80% of the results, right? I try and work my life to 20% aligned, energetic gut instinct, this is what I need to put out today. And I will get 80% of the results. And I do. I don't know how that happens. I might just decide at a whim, I'm gonna send out my newsletter to my audience today. And know that just by doing that one thing, I've created 8% of perhaps my income of that month versus spending 80% of their day, composing a real selfies that look gorgeous. If you don't feel like doing that today. Trust you use your empathic nature.


To know the right kinds of actions to do today, that will give you the best results. And they don't have to be overwhelming. If you feel yourself heading off into the overwhelm, then you need to just step back a little bit and say, What am I doing? Because I know that I'm doing something that I saw someone do, and I'm wanting to copy that somehow. Or I'm giving myself the shirt you should conversation. So what about becoming a really rebel introverts? Right?


And just listen to yourself? What if today, if that's one of the big takeaways from this podcast is? What if you just decide for the next just today, listen to your instincts? What does it tell you to do? What is your inner wisdom saying, and I can guarantee you that those little whispers, the more you listen to them, they will become bigger and bigger. And you will make that action that will touch the right person that needs to hear you and want to work with you with all the dots. And those the people that you do want to work with the ones that absolutely love you for who you are, without having to be somebody else.


Paul Juggins

I'm blown away by everything they've just said there. I think we could end the episode right there, right? We've covered it all. So great, I just so many things that you said, there's just like, oh, so beautiful. You were just like feel it in my body. Like when you're talking about the coal, water swimming in that, that deep, deep connection to just like surrender to the environment and just come back.


It's such a beautiful metaphor to how we can connect with ourselves in those moments of fear and just release and come back into knowing who we are finding your own way doing this thing on your own terms, without that pressure, to just say, Well, what if I just do it as me, because there's so much suffering when there's a severed identity, very sensitive, empathic people, but we feel that we can't be that on the outside, it's very, very troubling. Whereas they're coming into that, like a practice, like where you're doing with swimming, or meditation, or whatever it is for whoever's listening, we all have our different ways of deeply connecting to our soul, our intuition, our source, whatever language you'd like to use. It's from here, that deep inner wisdom, it's it's given us all the answers. So for people who are listening, they're like, yes, I'm ready, I want to start showing up a bit more like me, start injecting my, my uniqueness, my sensitivity into my business into my brand visually.


So what the world sees is a true representation of me. So when soul clients See you, they feel a deep inner connection. So maybe you can explain a little bit about identity and visual branding, like how to start successfully injecting your essence into your brand,


Carol Hampshire 

The most important thing is being able to, first of all, be clear on who you are, and what you are. It's not just a case of let's start in your visual branding and colours and logo design, there's always an in between stage where you have to get clear in what sets you apart from others, what is your essence, and I am able as an empath to be able to intuitively find that in someone. So I help them on that journey. But you can still do that on your own as well.


So someone who's an empath, or an introvert might have a branding or visual branding that's slightly softer. The colours might be slightly muted, for example, than having big, bold, bright colours that might be more aligned to a extroverts, as an individual. Ask yourself, what are the things that I really want to be known for and what will connect to other people and they don't have to be many you can choose one, two, even three. So for me, it would be the water connection. So part of my branding, and it's got nothing to do with that, what that what I do for a living, but it helps connect people because I know that other introverts also love nature.


And a lot of the people that I actually work with, there's a huge majority. We call ourselves mermaids, for example. It's a little joke, it's not a big deal. It's just something that I people know about me. So if it's my birthday, I know that all of these people online will send me mermaid pictures because they know I'm swimming. They know like going to some of the dolphins they know like the water. So that's become part of my brand. You might say that's crazy. But what happens if you have something similar in your in your brand and your life, but you just not sharing that.


And it helps that authentic connection. It helps with the branding in that it can be visual branding, I can use those colours visually in my work as well. I can use that on the clothes that I wear for my photoshoots I mean for example, I have a client at the moment and She is a relationship coach for alpha woman, which is a phenomenal niche market to be in her whole aesthetic, her home, her clothes are natural colours, warm, soft lighting, and light glow. So there's a gentleness about her. But yet she was red lipstick. And every now and again, she'll have these red nails. So in other words, she has this gentleness to her, and a beautiful introvert, but she still has that strength to her that we all have as entrepreneurs, and as introverts.


So you must combine the more gentleness with something that is pretty solid, and able to help people really trust you as well with your brand. So you don't want to be too airy fairy in a way, right? You still need to have that solidness and basis. And that's I always do with my clients. So in other words, marketing my introvert clients visually, the designs are a lot softer, a lot more flowy a lot more aligned to their nature.


And your brand is just an extension of who you are inside. So the more you know who you are, the more you can dress like who you are, the more your home will look like who you are, the more your brand looks like who you are, it's all going to match up. I mean, I'm even noticing a lot of the clothes that I'm wearing is very much kind of like Island living. Because if I'm on the beach as a five on holiday, and that's because one of my core power words is freedom.


As an entrepreneur, and as an introvert, find out what words really mean something to you. And then really embrace those one or two words. So let's not complicate things. Let's take branding, and strip away everything and make it the most simplest thing. What is your vision for your life? What do you want more of and you don't have to make it complicated. I just want more freedom more fun, more alone time, right?


I'm gonna be honest with you more and more alone time walking on beaches. That's who I am at my absolute essence. You know, you had that epiphany when you were six years old going to a party. Mine was in a plane in the water, realising I am at my boat, my most joyful, being in the water on my own playing limitless weightless. That's my play, right? And if you can pinpoint and really acknowledge that little child in you, and bring that child back into your branding, why not? And you can make fun of it. It doesn't have to be serious. It doesn't have to be anything you can actually play with that. Use that in your marketing, laugh at yourself.


Paul Juggins 

Like the playfulness is so key isn't it, we take ourselves so seriously. It's a great way to sort of diffuse the ego and and the fear as well, I find it's definitely something I advise you know, around bringing playfulness and curiosity in. It's something that just that little bit of light heartedness can can help us get over ourselves, I guess and move on.


Carol Hampshire 

Exactly. And I think personally, that is most magnetic to your audience. Then highly curated, video edits, perfect lighting, perfect images. There's nothing wrong with that. I also love that and adore that my clients. But what happens if you can just be a little bit more raw,


Paul Juggins 

it's nice to have that mixtures have that mixture. Yeah, you can have your beautifully shot images, but just capture you in the here. And now as well. No matter like what's in the background or the lighting. You know, just capture that, in the moment is so so powerful.


Once you start overthinking that, and you try to pick that photo again, or sexcellent. It's just it's gone. It's lost. It kind of reminds me of like when I was recording, I used to be a recording engineer and recording bands is it's like in that first one or two takes is where the magic and the essences. And then after that the ego and the mind is just take over and it just gets worse and worse and worse. It's almost worth just like saying to stop. Sometimes, you know, because it's gone. It's gone. There's just it's very ephemeral, but it's somehow there's this pure expression.


And once that happens, and you can capture it then even if it's a bit rough around the edges. It's just beautiful in its essence and even sometimes I listen to like some old recordings or things like that and you'll hear these weird little noises or something might be out of tune or something like that. You just don't even care because there's something being transmitted there. The if they had decided to record it again, it would not be there. There was a capture of a moment. I, I know a struggle that I had, when I'm beginning to really fully express myself bring up those little parts of me that I really want people to get, because like, that's just who I am. And if people can get that, then we're going to have great conversations, and they're going to be great clients.


And I know that we can reconnect deeply, and especially during the mindset work, that's where that is so, so important to have that deep connection with with people. So, I would love to know, what kind of mindset blocks or fears come up, maybe for your clients, that, okay, I want to take these photos, and they're maybe gonna be a little bit out of the norm, or people are going to start to see me in a different light. What kind of comes up because I know for me, I definitely had a little bit of fear around all my friends and family are gonna judge me.


And I know that we both worked a lot with women, and especially spiritual women, as well. And you know, lots of others, people who really want to embody and express themselves, maybe speak about things or express themselves in a way that might be a bit challenging for some people as well, that can definitely, I think, bring up this fear of Okay, well, I want to take, you know, some pictures that represent that side of me, but I feel blocked. Do you have any advice? Or have you coached, I guess, in a way your clients through some of those resistances, because you know, that actually, these are, these are the images that you need.



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