Mindset breakthrough sessions for introverts who are ready to take the first step to feel confident just as you are


Do you sometimes feel like

the world doesn’t “get” you? 

As an Introvert with a ‘traditional’ extrovert job. How people perceive you


Have you ever experienced this problem? 

  • Are you stuck in a self-doubt story that feels true but you know deep down it's not who you are?


  • As an introvert, you preferred to stay in the background, but now you have to step up and be visible as a leader.


  • And the thoughts draw attention to yourself and private life online is 


  • Are you tired of noisy environments, can't express your opinion, quiet means you have nothing to say pushover leaving you feeling underestimated or overlooked, invisible eleven?


It's exhausting, inauthentic and unsustainable. I understand how you feel, I'm an introvert who's been through it too.

You know you need to make a change but not sure where to start?

I can show you.

You can be an influential leader

without sacrificing who you are.

Your presence is your power, imagine how liberating and exciting it would feel to own it!

1. Mindset

What are you believing that's stopping you.

dismantle and befriend your Fear and Imposter Syndrome With confidence, using your voice powerful influence

No more overthinking, listen to intuition, powerful life affirming decisions


Respect and recognition you deserve. to initiate conversations, connect meaningfully with others, collaborating nore effectively


3.Authentic communication

using your voice powerful influence

More confident public speaking and showing up consistently online


4.More Energy

and creative time set clear boundaries

What you want is within your reach. 

It just takes a little courage to get started!

You are a doer. You have no doubt faced many tougher challenges in the past and come out stronger.

Your mindset block is just another challenge for you to overcome. This time you will have gentle support so you won't have to do it on your own.


Release & Reconnect

What you want is within your reach. 

Take the first step to feeling confidence just as you are.

Mindset breakthrough sessions to help navigate

public life with grace as an introverted female leader.

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This is your Starting Point. Gently release and explore transformational mindset work. My gift is the ability to bring the best out of people.


What to expect



In our session together gently rewiring the limiting beliefs that you want to clear.   Setting a safe comfortable space, I will teach you how to access your inner wisdom, confidence and strength and handle your fear with compassion. I will calmly lead you through a core belief healing mindset practice. You will get to tap into your creativity too and incorporate journaling and artistic expression to help integrate your breakthroughs. 




​You have me in your corner, helping you process your experience with Voice support all the way up to our next call. Over week voice support you get to strengthen the new confident core beliefs you have made. I will coach you through any old thought patterns that may come up.


In our last one to one session we focus on integrating and implementing your confident mindset into key areas in your business and life to make the aligned changes you want. I am great at creating systems and will help you design your work-life balance to your requirements. You will get to design a daily self-care ritual that will positively reinforce your new confident self. 


Walk away feeling clear and

confident on your next steps


Heart Waves


The most powerful coaching session I ever had in my life! 

Karolina Mazetyte

Holistic Healer  & TEDx speaker

Here’s everything you get Inside:

  • 90-minute breakthrough coaching session that will help you identify your core limiting belief and gently releases it (recorded)

  • 30 - min follow up 1 week later integrate, your systems, habit changes 

  • Empowering Mindfulness tools to Overcoming Overwhelm in the moment

  • Personalised Guided Visualisation track (€99 value)


You’ll be guided along every step of the way.

How I'll rewire your mindset for success  at lightning speed. Full Potential Perspective
4 step signature method

1. Your Beliefs


What you believe and how you speak to yourself is everything. I will help you pinpoint and release your core limiting beliefs that are driving your self-sabotaging habits. We will gently reprogram your subconscious to be fully aligned with your true nature and vision. 

2. Your Identity


Have you been holding back the best of you? I will help you deeply love yourself for who you are. You will feel full permission to embody your sensitivity and feminine warmth with integrity. And act in alignment with your values.

3. Your Energy


Carve out more time for recharging and creativity. No more people-pleasing and giving your precious time away. I'll show you how to set clear boundaries in alignment with your values that allow you to prioritise your energy and space to create your best work.

4. Your Voice


You are a leader with a potent voice that needs to be heard and understood. I'll help you to speak from your heart and communicate gently but assertively! You will feel confident expressing yourself authentically online, in your business and in relationships. 

Growth Mindset Meditation pack

You’ll also get access to these bonuses


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audio clip (2).png
audio clip.png

Connect deeply to still spacious awareness. Listen to your true nature and inner wisdom. A nourishing practice to help you make fully aligned decisions and feel confident knowing what to do next.


This energising practice will help you settle your busy mind and offer you greater mental clarity and motivation to stay consistent in your business (even when you don't feel like showing up). 


Feel calm and empowered in times of uncertainty by taking charge of the most important parts of your life. This gentle self-care practice is designed to help you live with intention and well-being.


Heart Waves


Paul helped me shift my mindset around how I present myself in my business by teaching me simple meditations and exercises to go into my day feeling confident and aligned with my work and how I support my clients. I really enjoyed our session together!

Gaylene Gomez

Founder,  Compass Rose Nutrition

Heading 2

Your Investment

Recap of everything that’s included

  • 90-minute coaching intensive (recorded)

  • 30 - min follow up 1 week later

  • + Bonus: Personalised Guided Visualisation track (€99 value)



I open 3 places every month for intensives.

Explain why NOW is the time to take action

Hi, I'm Paul.

I'm an introvert and a truth seeker on the path.


I'm a 50-50 mix of INFJ & INFP.


I’m a serial entrepreneur and mindset coach, who is intensely fascinated by the human condition & spirit.

I stand for strong sensitive women.

Heart Waves


Paul’s calm and receptive energy allowed me to open up and truly give space to the tensions I had been holding around what we were working on. Not only that, he helped me to see that it was a tension that could be honoured in a way that would allow me to work through it and move forward. I really appreciate Paul taking the time to address my individual needs, and follow up to ensure that I didn’t get “lost” again in the mindset block that we worked on together. Paul is a true nurturer, and I feel very lucky to work with him on making the most of my mindset so that I can help my clients in the most optimal way possible!

Bronwyn Updike
Founder, BeU Fitness & Nutrition

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Heart Waves

Louise Reid

Women's Mindset Specialist

Charlotte Balbier

Business Mentor and Strategist

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Heart Waves


 came to Paul as I was really struggling with some big mindset issues and they were really holding me back. I support women with business, mindset and strategy and always wish I had someone to support me with my mindset. I was so pleased and not to mention relieved when I found Paul and decided to work with him. 


I came to the session with some pretty big limiting beliefs that I had mostly manifested in my own head to go from a little niggle to something huge. I was also resisting some shifts and pivots in my business. The thing is I had not really brought this to my consciousness until Paul worked with me to figure out why I was experiencing such big blocks. After some gentle but really effective techniques, talking and listening Paul really helped me work on what was going on in my head.


Together we got to the root of the beliefs. It was such a calm and enjoyable experience. I felt very relaxed and in very safe hands and space to be really present and honest with my feelings and thoughts.


I came away feeling so much better and the results got stronger as the days went by. I felt lighter in mood with an increased energy and focus with the direction I want to go. I definitely left so much that had been weighing on my mind in the session. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.


I would highly recommend Paul, he’s excellent at his work with a natural gift to heal and support your mindset. Thank you Paul.


Charlotte Balbier Business Mentor and Strategist

Karolina Mazetyte

Holistic Healer  & TEDx speaker