Hi, I'm Paul.

I'm an introvert and a truth seeker on the path.


I'm a INFJ and 4/6 Projector in HD.


I’m a mindset coach, who is intensely fascinated by the human condition & spirit.

I stand for strong sensitive women and conscious female leadership.

Who I am and what I stand for


I don't believe that you have to be loud to be successful. You can be a calm and present leader of your movement just as you are. But, for a long time, I was drowning in a sea of extroverts.


From an early age, I was conditioned to feel small, shy and an outsider because I was quieter than most. Introverts and sensitives are easily overlooked because we don't fit into an extroverted archetype.

​Fast forward 25 years and I still sacrificed my energy and identity to fit into an extroverted online world. In my business, I felt colossal pressure to be high energy online.


But I’m not a Tony Robbins. I’m not a RA RA GO GET IT, coach. I’m a SENSITIVE coach for sensitive people. My presence is my power. My voice is calm and strong. I speak from an open heart and I’m a deep listener. Just like when I was a kid.


Now I celebrate being an introvert! It's not something to be ashamed of. It's who I am. And, the moment I chose to fully embrace my true identity with love and acceptance, everything changed for the better. I unlocked so much confidence! Everything I do is with integrity. It's freedom. 

I believe the world needs more women in power. We truly require more soft feminine warmth and thoughtful action to provide much-needed balance in leadership. A gentle unstoppable force!

Coaching myself to this point is undoubtedly the single greatest achievement of my life so far. Now I am called to help people just like you do the same.


My approach & my gift

I'm a qualified Nutrition & Health Coach. I am a Mindfulness Teacher. Studying with internationally renowned masters Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield. I follow their lineage.

My method is non-dogmatic and compassionate. I infuse a unique blend of the latest neuroscience and psychology with ancient wisdom in my work. 


I believe you hold all the answers inside you, I simply hold a safe space and listen deeply so you can gently release the mental barriers, beliefs and conditioning in your way.


My gift is to help you liberate your true identity, leaving you feeling empowered and confident to just be yourself. Aligned and with an open heart.

Experience my work for yourself.

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