A transformational mindset sanctuary for spirit-led coaches & entrepreneurs to unlock their true nature with compassion.

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Has your mind become the greatest obstacle in your life?

Let's change that.

The Introvert's dilemma



Has the expectation to act like a typical extroverted leader online left you feeling drained? 


You are a heart-centred businesswoman with a soul mission, but you still feel uncomfortable being the face of your brand. Do you feel shy or wrestle with Imposter Syndrome? Leaving you uncertain about how to balance your privacy with visibility online? 


Does your energy feel off?


By now I'm sure you have refined systems and high-level strategy, but somehow that's not enough anymore. You want to be an energetic match for more high calibre clients who value you just as you are. But, you feel mentally and energetically blocked? 


Do you feel stuck in a loop?

There's no room for your old limiting beliefs anymore where your dream business is headed. You've outgrown them. But they persist, causing unwanted ripple effects throughout your life. 

To move forward you know something has to change on the inside. 


Step into calm authentic leadership with unshakeable confidence.

Sensitivity is your superpower!

Imagine this.


Thriving in business just as you are. No more compromises or hiding your true essence. No more pressure to conform to the extroverted world.


Instead, you feel more joy and ease in your life leading with integrity. Fully expressing yourself with confidence hitting the next level in your business. Living with soul aligned success. Simply by being YOU. 


It's possible, and I can show you how. I've been through it, overcome it and designed a powerful mindset system so you can too!

Are you ready to leave your self-doubt behind and make a lifelong change at your core? 

Hi, I'm Paul Juggins.


You and I have one thing in common. We are introverts living in an extrovert's world. 


But I believe you don't need to be loud to lead. Sensitive success is the new paradigm around here. 

I work with ambitious

Introverts & Sensitive Souls

I'm dedicated to empowering emerging leaders. I'll gently guide you to release your core limiting beliefs and unlock the sensitive leader within. All without having to play the draining extrovert game any longer.


My Mission

I am committed to helping more female coaches & entrepreneurs thrive in their business by empowering them to authentically use their sensitivity to their advantage. Let go of limiting beliefs for good and feel more confident as a thought leader in your niche!


I believe the world needs more driven and sensitive women like you leading the way! Making an impact while enjoying fully aligned success on your own terms. All while feeling totally comfortable in yourself!

I proudly serve women who identify as:

  • Conscious Leaders

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Spirit-led Coaches

  • Creative professionals

  • Lightworkers

  • Humanity plus business owners

How I'll rewire your mindset for success at lightning speed

1. Your Beliefs


What you believe and how you speak to yourself is everything. I will help you pinpoint and release your core limiting beliefs that are driving your self-sabotaging habits. We will gently reprogram your subconscious to be fully aligned with your true nature and vision. 

2. Your Identity


Have you been holding back the best of you? I will help you deeply love yourself for who you are. You will feel full permission to embody your sensitivity and feminine warmth with integrity. And act in alignment with your values.

3. Your Energy


Carve out more time for recharging and creativity. No more people-pleasing and giving your precious time away. I'll show you how to set clear boundaries in alignment with your values that allow you to prioritise your energy and space to create your best work.

4. Your Presence


You are a leader with a potent voice that needs to be heard and understood. I'll help you to speak from your heart and communicate gently but assertively! You will feel confident expressing yourself authentically online, in your business and in relationships. 

Heart Waves

Before I had a session with Paul I was struggling with being confident online to attract clients and being an introvert. Paul is very warm and creates an incredibly safe space. During these sessions with Paul, I felt so energized and the change was instantaneous. I felt naturally connected to my higher self and able to get online in an authentic and joyful way. It's strengthened my confidence and has impacted all areas of my life.

Louise Reid

Mindset Specialist


Paul is a super genius and is highly skilled at discovering the exact needs of your body and mindset on a deeper level than you can see yourself. He is also incredible at creating systems that are suitable for your unique lifestyle for optimal performance. Paul has helped me to have way more energy and fully show up online with joy.

Samantha Blossom Brown

Business ORACLE & Energy Healer


The most powerful coaching session I ever had in my life! 

Karolina Mazetyte

Holistic Healer  & TEDx speaker

Leaders go first.

This is deep but liberating work, for highly motivated women who want to lead with sensitivity and grace.


Your core happiness is waiting on the other side.

A wealthy life with more time, energy and fulfilment.

Everything you are looking for is already in you.

I'll help you unlock it forever.


If this feels like a FULL BODY YES, then let's explore and find out if my intimate coaching experience is for you!

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